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The management of Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd. and Newcastle Timber Ltd. would like to extend our best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.

  • 2020 has been an interesting year for both companies – coming off a 9-month strike, operations restarted at HDL just as the Covid-19 pandemic started in North America
  • This created a new level of uncertainty and risk for our employees and our operations in general; however, we implemented our Covid-19 Safety Protocol Plan, and implemented the appropriate PPE and guidelines to keep everyone healthy – we want to thank everyone for their diligence at work and at home to ensure exposures to the virus were / are reduced
  • In March, operations commenced in Headbay; wrapping up the 2019 program and getting going on 2020 which also included heli support load and haul operations in Houston River – in November we started on a fresh block in Leiner Creek
  • HDL’s operations at Englewood were again reduced due to a lack of cutting permits, so Headbay certainly helps take up the slack
  • As well, we were able to build road and log second growth for Atli Forest Resources from March to April which enabled us to get more people back to work
  • NTL as usual started up in May in Compton Creek finishing the 2019 program and getting started on new blocks in the back of Compton – fortunately all the work was close together – we were on schedule to complete the 2020 program until the snow pushed us out in early November. MIFO even gave us some incremental volume to load and haul as they pushed to increase their deliveries prior to the year end
  • While August was wetter than past years some downtime was taken; but the fire hazard didn’t reach levels we have seen in recent years which was a positive
  • Safety, as always, continues to be the prime focus at HDL & NTL and we commend our employees for making safety a priority, especially where we have new/young workers employed at the operations. Both operations underwent successful verification audits (conducted by a BCFSC auditor) during the year. Again, we scored high marks on both audits and were commended by the Council’s auditor on maintaining a consistent, high level of safety performance. Thank you to all our crews and supervisors for continuing to make HDL/NTL a safe place to work!

    While both NTL & HDL went through a rash of incidents earlier in the year, we had no major incidents from September onwards. While we became a safety focus for WFP, we implemented a Safety Improvement Plan and refocused our efforts on improving safety. The effort from our crews and management contributed to our improvement greatly. As well, our Injury Mgmt / Return to Work Program again worked successfully to get 4 workers back to regular duties.

    It is anticipated 2021 will be another busy year. HDL will be in Headbay and Englewood and if stumpage rates don’t go crazy, we will hopefully harvest some 2G in the Spring. NTL will continue operations in Upper Adams while the weather permits and again at MIFO in 2021.

    Finally, check out HDL and NTL’s websites, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter….. there are lots of great photos of our operations and promotion of the forest industry!!! HDL reached a milestone with over 10,000 Instagram followers thanks to Red Toque Creative.

    Thank you for your efforts in 2020 to make HDL and NTL a great place to work!

    We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and safe New Year!

    Dear Premier Horgan: Last Sunday, November 17, 2019, mediation talks collapsed between WFP and the USW and there appears no end to this prolonged strike, now the longest in history on the BC Coast. Our companies, staff and employees, and even our trade suppliers can’t continue on much longer without being financially devastated. Being in the Vancouver Island harvesting sector, our companies are largely dependent on WFP to be financially viable over the long term. HDL has been in business for nearly 50 years and has been a growing and financially stable employer over that period. We are an active contributor to our communities on the North Island through providing high wage employment, paying taxes and government fees, and supporting local charitable organizations. We are a vital component to the social and economic well being of these communities. In 2018, HDL and its affiliates paid millions of dollars in employee and subcontractor wages and benefits and employed in excess of 75-80 staff, employees and subcontract employees in its operations. Additionally, we contribute to the local economy of the North Island purchasing goods and services from local suppliers and vendors. If this strike is to continue much longer families are going to lose their homes, businesses are going to close, and the financial well being of our communities in general will be irreparably harmed. The cost to government will, not only be huge in financial terms due to lost taxation, but also costly in providing social services to respond to the fallout the prolonged strike is producing. Attached is a map showing the affected ridings and the numbers of striking workers in each riding. We implore you to intervene in this strike so that our workers, their families and our businesses can get back to making the Coastal Forest Industry a global leader once again. Yours sincerely, Robert Wood, President HOLBROOK DYSON LOGGING LTD.
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    Minister Trevena : Our companies have 55 union employees that have been on strike approaching six months. It is time government intervenes in this dispute to return our employees to their rightful positions. These high paying jobs support the families and vitality of our North Island communities. Our companies contribute millions of dollars through wages, purchases of goods and services and taxes which are vital to the economic well being of these communities. If this strike is to continue much longer families are going to lose their homes, businesses are going to close, and the financial well being of our communities in general will be irreparably harmed. The cost to government will not only be huge in financial terms due to lost taxation but also costly in providing social services to respond to the fall out the prolonged strike is producing. I have attached a map of affected riding's and struck workers in each riding for your review. Please give this your immediate attention. Rob R.J. Wood Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd. Newcastle Timber Ltd.

    Follow the crew at HDL and Newcastle Timber to get a better perspective on a modern west coast logging operation.


    Congratulations Brayden McClary, Carihi Forestry Program student and this year's recipient of the Mike McInnes Memorial Forestry Award. All the best in your pursuit to study forestry & work in the sector! This annual award commemorates Mike McInnes, who was fatally injured in an accident at a marshalling point near Woss, BC in November of 2011. Mike worked for Holbrook Dyson Logging, Newcastle Timber's Sister Company, as part of the road crew. In honour of Mike, this Memorial Forestry Award will support young individuals with aspirations of a career in the forest and logging industry.


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